National Debt

The USA is a beacon of hope as a country. Unfortunately, the current national debt load and future projections threaten to snuff out the beacon as we explore in this site.

Current US National Debt

The current US national debt is threatening to do something that no enemy of the United States ever could – bring the country to its knees. The figures are simple astounding. We owe trillions in debt. There was a time when a single trillion was a number nobody could really fathom. The idea that we may owe tens or hundreds of them is simply staggering and, frankly, a disgrace.

The question many people have is where are we with the current national debt, how did we get here and where are we going in the future with it? In some ways the answers are easy. That doesn’t mean they will be comfortable or easy to implement in the real world. Dealing with the debt has been one of those third rail topics that politicians have been loathe to address except in vague statements. Instead, there has been a long and strong policy of simply kicking the debt down the road. Unfortunately, we are discovering that we are in an alley and the bricked off end is dead ahead.

What is the aim of this site? The public really needs to come to grips with the fact we have a huge problem. This site is one small effort to educate people on the problem. Are we an unbiased source of information? No! There is no such thing. Every single person brings their biases to their work. Some are readily obvious about it while others are more subtle. We aren’t trying to convince you of anything. We just desire that you look into the issue yourself and discover whether the current national debt is a threat to us or not. In short, use your brain!

The US national debt problem may not be a sexy subject. Sadly, it is more like cancer. Something that is going to eat away at us slowly until there is nothing left unless we treat it. The key is to catch it early. While we may be well into the end game, there is still much that can be done to avoid a grim future for this country. Solving the US national debt problem must be our top priority. Even the Pentagon has named it as the number one threat.

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